Xbox is getting mouse and keyboard soon

Xbox cloud gaming is getting mouse and keyboard support soon

A new presentation just showcased some Xbox cloud gaming enhancements

Since around a year ago, Xbox has been teased about adding mouse and keyboard compatibility for cloud gaming. The long-awaited feature will be widely released this year. It was announced via the Microsoft Game Dev YouTube channel in a stream intended to help developers working on Xbox games.

The part, which starts at 16:45 in the video below, was introduced by Xbox engineer Morgan Brown, who said that they have been considering adding the feature “for a while now” and are now actually putting it into practise. Developers may add the option “right now,” as Brown puts it, to improve the game for people who aren’t already utilising cloud gaming on PC.

Brown also touched on a few other topics that will make Xbox cloud gaming that much smoother in the future:

Methods to reduce latency for cloud gaming, which makes controls more responsive
Direct capture for cloud gaming has been introduced
Guidelines for improving mobile device user interfaces to prevent the “small text problem”
Changes to the full-screen rendering technology now support more custom resolutions, making cloud gaming seem better overall (with less black bars, and even resizing on the fly)
Access to options for brightness, audio, and controller remapping is made simpler, and there is the ability to remember individual device settings so that you don’t have to remap or modify everything all the time.

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