Xbox Cloud Gaming is finally rolling out major latency fixes

Microsoft has detailed its work on latency improvements for games on the cloud-based platform. What’s more, mouse and keyboard support is still expected to arrive later this year.

Currently, Xbox Cloud Gaming’s display pipeline tolerates latency of around 8-74 milliseconds. This is the time it takes for controller input to register in-game. However, it is now working on bringing its Direct Capture technology to a wider number of games on the service. As of the latest update, this will reduce the latency to an impressively low 2-12 milliseconds (opens in new tab) From Morgan Brown of the Xbox Game Streaming team.

Likewise like many great 4K TVs, Direct Capture reduces latency by disabling a number of features. These include HDR, dynamic scaling, and a 1440p resolution cap. That last one we don’t need to worry about right now. Xbox cloud gaming is currently limited to 1080p on PC and Xbox Series X|S, and 720p on mobile.

Xbox Cloud Gaming Display Capture Details

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft has also reinforced its desire to bring mouse and keyboard support to Xbox Cloud Gaming. Brown, a software engineer on the team, says Xbox is “working on adding it to streaming for PC users.” Disappointingly, though, we still don’t have a definitive date for when mouse and keyboard support will arrive.


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