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Xiaomi Band 7 Pro is Launching Next Week Alongside 12S Phones

A Pro version of Xiaomi's recently released Band 7 is being released. On July 4th, the new Band 7 Pro and Xiaomi 12S series will debut.

A teaser image revealing the watch's design and the launch date provides the confirmation

 The image suggests that the Band 7 Pro will forgo the typical fitness band aesthetic in favour of a smartwatch style

 The dial is now wider and larger than previously, giving it the appearance of a conventional smartwatch.

According to earlier speculations, this fitness band would have capabilities like integrated GPS and a bigger battery than the standard model.

The band is anticipated to have a high-end design and a strap in the buckle style

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There will be Black and White colour variations available, and the typical health and fitness tracking functions can also be anticipated.

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There are currently no other details, but as the teaser campaign goes on, we anticipate learning more.

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