Xbox becomes first game console to formally support Discord voice chat

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Rolling out to "Xbox Insiders" today; will (for now) require pairing with smartphone.

Microsoft has chosen to directly integrate Discord's voice-chat features into Xbox consoles after trying—and failing—to acquire the well-known chat platform for $10 billion.

 only users of the "Xbox Insider" tier of early, beta, and preview console OS upgrades would have access to Discord

The system's "conversation" sidebar now has a new tooltip that reads, "Try Discord Voice on Xbox today!" that is already available for Xbox Insiders.

Simplifying your Discord life adds a few complications

Since its release in 2015, Discord has experienced a meteoric rise in use as a chat platform for mobile and desktop gaming

One key distinction between Discord and a service like Slack, which has a similar interface and functionality, is the latter's deft integration with existing gaming communities

The concept is that Discord can use connections to other platforms' APIs to broadcast your game-playing location to pals wherever you are

To plan their upcoming online gaming sessions, users can switch between direct messages, game-specific text chat rooms, real-time audio channels, and even video-sharing services.

What happens, though, if you wish to converse with your Discord voice chat companions while wearing specialised headphones on an Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch?

You couldn't do that directly on any console prior to this week

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