Xbox Fans Finally Getting Highly-Requested Controller Feature

Microsoft has revealed that it will finally give fans access to a much-requested feature involving Xbox One and Xbox Series X controllers

Since Microsoft launched its "Design Lab" programme a few years ago

which allows customers to customise their own Xbox controllers

fans have been requesting that this programme be expanded to include customizable versions of the Xbox Elite controller.

While it appeared that this inclusion would never happen, Microsoft has announced that it will finally give fans what they have been begging for.

Starting later this holiday season, the Xbox Design Lab will begin the process of allowing for customizable Elite controllers

This means that fans will be able to create their own versions of the Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 with colour schemes 

other than the default black and white models made available by Microsoft

It is currently unknown how much it will cost to purchase an Elite controller through the Design Lab

but Microsoft teased the start of this programme with a new video

According to what has been shown, only the base colour of the Elite controller will be customizable

while the rubberized grips, thumbsticks, and bumpers will remain black

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