Xbox Fans Upset With Controversial Xbox Live Gold Change

Xbox Live Gold on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X is now experiencing some backlash due to a recently announced change.

We announced yesterday that Xbox Live Gold would stop offering Xbox 360 games through Games With Gold in October

Microsoft, which tried to hide the revelation, claims that the service will no longer sell Xbox 360 titles because there aren't any more to add.

However, it appears that no one wants to upload their Xbox 360 games anymore, at least not for the money Xbox is offering

This does not mean that the whole Xbox 360 collection is available there.

Games With Gold's offer has been generally bad for years, especially when compared to PlayStation Plus, thus it was already a running joke in the industry

And given that Xbox Game Pass is now the company's main priority, it's not all that shocking that sales are declining And the games available have made it clear

Xbox Series X|S games are still lacking, Xbox One games are rarely enjoyable, and backward-compatible Xbox games are frequently terrible as well

In truth, the retrocompatible games occasionally contain recycled content

Some have taken the news as a good thing, as it could mean more focus will be put on Xbox One games. This is wishful thinking though

If anything, it's a sign of what is coming with Xbox Live Gold, which will likely be revamped alongside Xbox Game Pass. While some are hopeful though, many more are upset.

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