Will asteroid 2021 QM1 hit earth on April 02, 2052? ESA has the answer

The dinosaurs perished when a massive asteroid struck Earth 66 million years ago, unleashing all of its fury

 Since that time, there haven't been any more fatal incidents on Earth, and the lack of a catastrophe of that scale has had a significant impact on how humans have evolved.

However, a number of astronomers firmly believe that asteroid impacts could occur in the future

Space agencies like NASA and ESA are keeping an eye on near-Earth objects and their course to prevent a potential collision that might call into question the existence of humanity

One of these asteroids, 2021 QM1, was discovered in August 2021, and initially, experts predicted that it would strike the planet on April 2, 2052

This asteroid was initially categorised by astronomers as a dangerous space rock that might collide with the earth.

Image Credit:httech

However, this asteroid has already been taken off the risk list by ESA specialists following a number of scientific observations and computations. 

Only 1,377 asteroids remain on the list of potential future Earth impacts after 2021 QM was deleted.

Asteroid strikes are not limited to historical events.

Leading space specialist Dr. Iain McDonald stated a few months ago that catastrophic occurrences like asteroid hits are not limited to the past and may occur in the future as well.

Similar ideas are held by well-known American physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, who once suggested that a fatal asteroid strike may be the most likely cause of the extinction of the human race.

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