Wild solar flares are causing satellites to plummet back towards Earth and it’s getting worse, experts claim

Image Credit:thesun

Solar flares, which the Sun frequently emits, can cause havoc with our technology.

Image Credit:thesun

Scientists are now worried that the recent solar activity is to blame for satellites colliding with the planet.

The Sun is at a tremendously busy phase as it begins its 11-year cycle.

That indicates that solar flares are occurring more often right now.

The magnetic field on the Sun flips once every 11 years.

Image Credit:dailymail

That means that as the north and south poles alternate, the Sun may initially act erratically before becoming stable.

The magnetic field flips once it has settled, and the cycle is repeated.

Solar flares are sudden radiation blasts that occasionally touch Earth or go far into space.

Earth's magnetic field substantially shields humans from the harmful effects of solar flares.

They nevertheless have the potential to interfere with our technology and perplex migratory animals that depend on the magnetic field for guidance.

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