When Is The Next Full Moon? Exactly When, Where And How To See July’s ‘Buck Supermoon’

Are you ready for the first full Moon of summer 2022?

Nevertheless, it will rise later than any other northern hemisphere full Moon.

The appearance of our natural satellite in orbit on the eastern horizon is a good incentive to stay up late.

When is the ‘Buck Moon?’

The full “Buck Supermoon” will occur on Wednesday, July 13, 2022 at 18:38 Universal Time. It will appear to the eye to be full for a few nights either side.

Why to watch the ‘Buck Moon’ rise

Always watch the full moon as it rises for the greatest views. The Moon can be seen rising over the horizon at sundown only on the night of a full Moon.

 It rises during the day shortly before the full Moon and after dark after the full Moon since it rises around 50 minutes later each night.

Best time to see the ‘Buck Moon’

Here are the precise hours for viewing the "Buck Moon" in July from a few significant cities; nevertheless, make sure to confirm the moonrise and moonset times in your area.

If the full Moon doesn't appear beyond the horizon at these exact times, you'll need to wait a little because of low cloud cover and horizon haze. There will definitely be a "Buck Moon".

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