WhatsApp urgently needs to copy this new iMessages feature

It was disclosed a few weeks ago that WhatsApp was developing a feature that would enable message editing. 

Many people questioned the circumstances under which the new function would operate, and now Apple is providing some hints as to what the Meta app should take into account.

One of the most notable features of the several advantages that iOS 16 brought to the table was the ability to edit texts in iMessages

 which would soon be receiving a condition that would increase its security

Your phone number has been blocked: The new WhatsApp message: What does it mean?

The question of how the past can be retained in order to prevent misunderstandings or omit declarations of interest has persisted even as more services

such as Twitter or WhatsApp, offer or evaluate the opportunity to modify messages.

Anything else I should copy WhatsApp?

This feature of iOS 16 beta 4 was not present solely. In order to prevent you from having a long list of modifications

Apple implemented a maximum limit of 5 edits per message.

The time to stop a message from being sent has reportedly been shortened under this function, going from 15 minutes to only 2 minutes, as shown in the most recent iOS beta.

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