What is NASA's CAPSTONE mission and its importance for moon study

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CAPSTONE is a small microwave sized cubesat weighing 25 kg. This is the first spacecraft that will test the moon's elliptical-shaped orbit.

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NASA's Artemis mission's first phase has been repeatedly postponed. Many additional dimensions, however, are still being worked on

The NASA SLS rocket and Orion spacecraft will be launched into orbit for the first time in the first of three stages of the mission.

As part of the Cislunar Autonomous Positioning System Technology Operations and Navigation Experiment, NASA will test Orion's orbit path this month (CAPSTONE)

It will also clear the way for the Artemis program's Gateway mission to circle the moon.

CAPSTONE is a 25 kg cubesat the size of a microwave. This is the first mission to investigate the moon's elliptical orbit

By testing space navigation algorithms for future lunar orbit or moon-going vehicles, CAPSTONE will lessen risks.

CAPSTONE will also be valuable in validating the dynamics of the moon's capstone-shaped orbit

Near-rectilinear halo orbit is the name given to this orbit (NRHO). It has been extended quite far. Its location is the exact point of gravitational equilibrium between the Earth and the moon

This will give stability for extended missions such as Gateway while also consuming the least amount of energy.

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