Virtual Assistants and Digital Humans on Pace to Ace Turing Test With New NVIDIA Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine

Omniverse ACE Offers Developers of Games, Chatbots, Digital Twins, Virtual Worlds a Suite of Cloud-Native AI Models to Build and Deploy Interactive Avatars

The NVIDIA Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE), a set of cloud-native 

AI models and services that facilitate the creation of realistic virtual assistants and digital humans, was unveiled by NVIDIA today.

By moving these models and services to the cloud, ACE gives companies of all sizes instant access to the enormous computing power required to develop

develop and deploy assistants and avatars that comprehend multiple languages, react to voice commands, interact with their surroundings, and provide insightful recommendations.

Rev Lebaredian, vice president of Omniverse and simulation technologies at NVIDIA, stated that "our industry has been on a decades-long journey 

teaching computers to interact and carry out complicated activities with ease that humans take for granted." "NVIDIA ACE makes this possible. 

ACE combines a variety of advanced AI technologies, enabling programmers to make virtual assistants that are capable of passing the Turing test.

ACE is based on NVIDIA's Unified Compute Framework, which gives users access to the extensive variety of software tools and APIs required to create extremely realistic

fully interactive avatars. NVIDIA Riva for creating speech AI applications, NVIDIA Metropolis for computer vision and intelligent video analytics,

NVIDIA MerlinTM for powerful recommender systems, NVIDIA NeMo Megatron for building large language models with NLU,

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