Scientists propose use of Space Bubbles to protect earth

The usage of "Space Bubbles" to surround and shield the earth from the sun's harmful radiation has been suggested by a group of scientists from the (MIT)

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According to the researchers, a raft of thin-film silicon bubbles stretched out into space from World

It having a size comparable to Brazil would be able to stop the earth from further warming due to solar radiation.

The scientists are a multidisciplinary group that has worked on the technological and social facets of a project to develop a "non-Earth-bound" answer to climate change.

The team includes architects, civil and mechanical engineers, physicists, and material scientists.

Roger Angel, who first suggested employing thin reflective sheets in space, is being built upon by the researchers.

The Project is a component of a solar-geoengineering strategy, a collection of technologies intended to reflect some of the sunlight hitting the Earth in an effort to combat climate change.

The new method, the scientists stated in a statement, would not directly interfere with the biosphere and hence offer less danger to disrupt "our already fragile ecosystems,"

in contrast to other Earth-based geoengineering attempts like dissolving gases in the stratosphere to increase its albedo impact.

If the raft of bubbles can block 1.8% of incident solar energy before it reaches Earth, the scientists argue, they can completely halt current global warming.

The group claimed that the bubbles could be produced in space and assembled into a sizable deflective raft at the Lagrangian Point, which lies halfway between the Earth and the Sun.

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