Unsend iMessages: Hands-on with the new iOS 16 iPhone feature

With iOS 16, the Messages app receives some helpful changes.

The capability to delete iMessages sent to an iPhone is one of the intriguing features.

Follow along to get a practical understanding of how the feature functions, its limitations, and what it's like for the person on the other end.

With iOS 16, Apple's Messages app gets a few additional features.

The ability to modify iMessages, totally unsend iMessages, and mark text messages as unread are the three main ones.

We'll concentrate on how to cancel an iPhone iMessage below. We also have a thorough explanation on how to alter an iMessage:

Currently, developers can get the public beta of iOS 16 for free. Our comprehensive guide has further information on installing iOS 16.

The unsend iMessage capability in iOS 16 looks like this:

You won't need to validate the action because the iMessages will explode and disappear as soon as you unsend them on your iPhone.

It's vital to keep in mind that if the recipient of your unsent iMessage is not using iOS 16, they "may still be able to receive your message," according to Apple.

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