Mysterious Object Filmed Dropping To Earth During Lightning Storm In Texas

Image Credit:iheart

Storms can be frightening because they can bring with them terrifyingly loud thunder, the threat of flooding, and the fear of being struck by lightning

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 but one recent weather occurrence in Texas has many worried for a different reason

 A lightning storm slammed Texas earlier this week, causing widespread damage

Conner, a local, decided to video it, but instead of the lightning, he captured something else: a mystery object crashing to Earth.

Image Credit:KIIS FM-iheart

He shared the video on Reddit, which shows a flash of lightning followed by a streak of light plummeting from the sky

Was recording this storm pass by and noticed this I didn't think it looked like lightning," he wrote.

Conner stated, according to The Mirror, "I'm not sure I've ever seen anything like this before

 I'd never really recorded the skies or anything before, but that day of the storm, I felt compelled to do so

Any ideas as to what it could be or what it was are welcome

Because I've never seen one, the best case scenario is that it was a meteor. Then there's the possibility of an alien invasion."

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