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Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher Coming To Nintendo Switch In 2022

Bandai Namco has now announced a western release at this year's Anime Expo, after the Japanese Nintendo Direct Mini announcement earlier this week

Here in the west, it will be available digitally on the Switch eShop. The trailer is shown over.

Initial: In case you missed it, Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher was one of the additional Switch announcements made at yesterday's Nintendo Direct Mini in Japan

It will debut this year in Japan and Asia. It was created by Koei Tecmo and released by Bandai Namco

Although there hasn't been any announcement about a western distribution (yet), it does have English subtitles.

This is a partnership between the Ultraman franchise and the monster-raising simulation series Monster Rancher

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 which is presently celebrating its 25th anniversary, as you may have already deduced from the title

You can grow several Ultra Kaiju in this new game, which is dubbed a Kaiju rearing simulation and uses the Monster Rancher and Monster Rancher 2's core systems.

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Kaiju can be raised by players through feeding, training, learning, and adventure. Then you'll fight them and possibly combine them.

 Additionally supported by this game are NFC and IC cards, which may be read with the Switch controllers

Again, there is no information on a local release; however, as soon as we learn anything, we'll let you know. similar to

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