DEADLY IMPACT Two ‘dead suns’ spotted in epic collision that sent shockwave through universe

Image Credit:bbc

A brand-new, extremely powerful telescope has allowed astronomers to detect the collisions of dead suns.

In 2017, scientists unintentionally discovered the collisional space energy of two dead 'neutron' stars.

Soon after, they made the discovery that these collisions produce the gold and platinum that are present in the universe.

According to the BBC, astronomers have since created a telescope that can record these events in great detail.

The telescope, called Gravitational Wave Optical Transient Observer, was created by British researchers

The instrument will search for neutron star collisions in outer space from its home on the volcanic Spanish island of La Palma.

The telescope must work rapidly to find them because the light from a neutron star collision can only be visible for a few nights.

All hands must be on deck to capitalise on a truly successful detection, according to Prof. Danny Steeghs of Warwick University, who spoke with the BBC.

"It's crucial to move quickly. We're looking for something that will vanish quickly; there isn't much time left ".

Neutron star collisions are crucial to scientists' understanding of the cosmos.

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