TikTok is testing the possibility of restricting live streams to viewers 18 and older

TikTok is experimenting with a new setting that enables users to only allow viewers who are as least 18 to see their live feeds.

The business informed TBEN that a small number of users are now testing the new setting.

Users who have access to the new setting can go to their settings and activate the "mature themes" button to restrict their LIVE to adults

according to screenshots of the new setting published by product intelligence company Watchful.ai

If you activate it, the app warns that "only users 18 and older can access your LIVE."

Once you turn on the setting, TikTok will inform you that LIVE videos marked as 18+ will always be taken down if they don't adhere to the app's Community Guidelines

which cover such things as prohibitions on indecent exposure, sexual behaviour, and violence.

It's crucial to remember that users cannot stream adult content using TikTok's new 18+ restriction setting for live streams because the content is still governed by the app's regulations.

Instead, it's a means for content producers to keep kids from seeing material that might not be interesting to them or be meant for mature audiences

A few months ago, TikTok said that it would begin prioritising identifying appropriate content for younger and older teens above adults. Now, there is a new setting

In addition to asking content creators to indicate when their work is better acceptable for adult audiences

TikTok claimed it was creating a method to identify and block access to specific categories of content for teenagers.

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