'The power of this telescope is only limited by our imagination': Calgary scientists thrilled by Webb images

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The release of photos from the James Webb Space Telescope by NASA on Tuesday morning had scientists and space enthusiasts all around the world glued to their screens.

Don Hladiuk, an astronomer from Calgary, was dressed to the nines in a hand-made James Webb shirt and commemorative socks

as he watched NASA scientists reveal never-before-seen photographs of outer space.

Hladiuk was particularly moved by the sight of the Carina Nebula with its towering clouds of gas and dust, with new stars emerging amid them.

 "It makes me wonder just how magnificent this universe that we live in really is," he remarked.

"And consider the possibility of new planets developing around these nascent stars, where life might develop.

To me, it simply pulls everyone and everything together "said Hladiuk." 

Similar to how these young stars are forming in other regions of the cosmos, we are composed of star material

This is how we got here, from a gas cloud full of dust, creating planets, and stars burning, to our planet Earth.

It actually feels to me like a bridge between us and the universe we live in.

Even though the photographs made public on Tuesday are just the first of many that the telescope will transmit back over the course of its anticipated ten-year space mission

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