The Pathless is coming to Switch and Xbox consoles this winter

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The lovely timed-exclusive for PS5 is finally coming to more platforms.

This winter, Xbox and Switch gaming systems will receive Giant Squid's legendary adventure game The Pathless from Annapurna Interactive.

You play as the Hunter in an open-world action-adventure game, which is currently accessible for PC, PlayStation, and Apple Arcade players.

The Hunter's goal is to discover a solution to remove the curse from the globe. 

The ancient gods who live on an island are the source of this curse. The Tall Ones are the name given to these gods.

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The Hunter discovers a Spirit Mask that reveals the world's mysteries when she arrives on the island.

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She encounters the Eagle Mother here and frees her of a curse before the Godslayer strikes and purports to have killed the spirit.

It is up to the Hunter to prevent the Godslayer from destroying the world because he is responsible for the curse and the corruption of the Tall Ones.

The Eagle Mother journeys to the floating island in the sky and begs the Hunter to purify her four Tall One offspring, who have been cursed by the Godslayer

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