The Mystery Of GTA: San Andreas' Forgotten Grove Street Members

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B Dup and Big Bear are GTA: San Andreas' most inconsequential gang members. However, there's evidence they were originally intended for much more.

Fans of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas are familiar with the Grove Street Families, although two of their identified members are typically overlooked.

That comes as little surprise given how minor their function is in comparison to that of CJ, Sweet, Big Smoke, and Ryder.

There is cause to believe that there were initially many more intentions for them, nevertheless.

Two Grove Street members, B Dup and Big Bear, appear in a single cutscene early in the game, then again in a second quest near the finish

B Dup abandoned Grove Street and joined the Ballas to work as a crack dealer. While treating Big Bear like a servant, he hooked him on the drug

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When their dynamic is revealed, however, they vanish, and when they come back, Big Bear promptly turns on B Dup and re-joins the Grove. 

Even Zero, the most despised mission-giver in San Andreas, had adequate screen time for his storyline

 However, while scarcely effecting the plot, B Dup and Big Bear in GTA: San Andreas may have had grander ambitions.

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