The Earth has been mysteriously slowing down for 50 years - now scientists think they know why

Scientists are baffled by why the day seems to be getting longer

Wrong, according to recent study that demonstrates that not only did Earth experience its shortest day on June 29, 2022

but that days have also been curiously growing longer overall since 2020 - for reasons that are currently unknown.

According to scientists, the trend's reversal is a "mystery," as stated by ScienceAlert.

According to, the year 2020 had the 28 shortest days since 1960, topping the previous record set in 2005.

But ever since that time, the length of the day has generally increased, even when known factors like tides and seasonal influences are taken into account.

International timekeepers will occasionally add a "leap second" to the end of a year to account for how quickly the Earth is rotating.

To keep Earth in sync with "solar time," or the average length of a day depending on how long it takes for the Earth to rotate, "leap seconds" are added.

Of course, we don't notice since the atomic clocks that regulate the ones on your phone and your computer will automatically adjust, and life will continue as usual.

Atomic clocks all across the world either "turn off" for a brief period of time or advance to 23.59.60 before advancing to 00.00.00.

Since 2020, the long-term trajectory seems to have shifted towards lengthening, in a change which hasn’t been seen for decades.

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