The Best Mario Games for the Nintendo Switch, so Let’s-a Go

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When it comes to first-party console releases, Mario always receives the lion's share as Nintendo's mascot

There are many Switch games that include Mario's moustachioed face, whether they are platformers, minigame collections, or kart racing games. Which, though, are the best?

These are the Mario video games that we think everyone should play on the Nintendo Switch.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle sounds like it shouldn't work on paper. A tactical role-playing game that combines the Rabbids and Super Mario worlds? 

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 That seems a tad excessive. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is not just a complete joy to play, it's also one of the best Mario games on the Switch

Kingdom Battle is a good strategy game that is far more difficult than its vibrant and cheerful graphics would lead you to believe.

The Rabbids aren't as irritating as you may anticipate, and Kingdom Battle as a whole really demonstrates the breadth of Mario's abilities.

 Even the soundtrack is entertaining, written by Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64's Don Kirkhope.

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