The best fitness trackers from Fitbit, Apple, and more in 2022

Fitness trackers aren't just for ardent gym goers and runners. With information on anything from steps taken to sleep patterns to heart rhythms

they are excellent accessories to support anyone in maintaining a healthy lifestyle

More than 100 fitness bands and smartwatches have been worn, tested, and reviewed by us, so we have a solid idea of which ones are the best overall

which ones excel in particular areas, and which ones are just fantastic values

The Fitbit Charge 5 is at the top of the list of models that stuck out the most because of its lightweight design, lengthy battery life, and basic smartphone networking features.

If a Fitbit is on your wish list, we have a tonne of fantastic discounts on them. And if the cost of a Fitbit is too high for you,we have several less expensive options for tracking your activity here

Although this list focuses primarily on fitness bands, smartwatches also do an excellent job of tracking activity and fitness

so be sure to have a look at our list of the best smartwatches if a more watch-like design and higher functionality appeal.

We were brought back to the reasons we adore Fitbit's fitness trackers by the Fitbit Charge 5

With the Charge 5, Fitbit has changed the Charge's design language by removing the Charge's earlier boxier appearance and introducing smooth, rounded corners

Because of this, you won't be embarrassed to be seen wearing the new Fitbit fitness tracker. Its design is more in line with the most recent Apple Watch Series 7.

 It feels as good as it looks since silicone, glass, and metal were used in its construction.

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