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SMITE, The Battleground of the Gods, will shortly say goodbye to Stranger Things.

As with many other Netflix crossovers before it, this popular crossover is eventually coming to an end

Grab these cosmetics before the Upside Down cuts off access to this area—possibly permanently.

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SMITE and Stranger Things will no longer be working together, as stated on the game's official Twitter account

 It appears like the agreement is about to expire, just like what happened with the Dead by Daylight licence.

 These characters will soon return to the Upside Down after a shocking yet amazing crossover bringing figures like Eleven

 Hopper, The Demogorgon, and The Mind Flayer to the Battleground of the Gods.

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This crossover was introduced during Summer Games Fest in June 2021. At the time, Netflix was expanding into the video gaming industry.

The main source of this bifurcation was Stranger Things. It spread swiftly and appeared everywhere.

Minecraft, Rocket League, Dead by Daylight, Fortnite, and Dead by Daylight.More recently, it has also found its way into Far Cry 6.

However, everything excellent must come to an end, and this is particularly true of Netflix crossovers.

By July 14th, players can claim permanent ownership of all SMITE content associated with Stranger Things.

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