Strange 'Claw Marks' on Martian Surface Spotted By ESA’s Mars Orbiter

Image Credit:indiatimes

ESA’s Mars Express orbiter has revealed an undiscovered characteristic of the geology of Mars in never-before-seen clarity

The surface appears to have developed giant scratch marks across its surface.

Image Credit:indiatimes

The markings were discovered in Mars' Tantalus Fossae, a massive fault system.

The scrapes are huge, measuring around 1,148 feet deep and 10 kilometres wide

Image Credit:christiansciencemoniter

This is also about 1,000 kilometres long. It's on the eastern slope of Alba Mons, a low-relief Martian volcano.

As the summit rose in its size, it distorted and shattered the surface surrounding it, giving birth to the fossae -- meaning a hollow or depression.

The faults are an excellent example of a surface type known as graben. Each trench was produced when two parallel faults separated

This enabled the rock within them to fall into the abyss. A group of grabens is highlighted in this photograph.

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