Stadia Unveils New “Party Stream” Feature

Given that it entered the market relatively recently, a few years ago Google's Stadia platform has undoubtedly experienced its fair share of successes and setbacks since its start

In order to keep its video game streaming service current, Google is adding new features, and the corporation has just introduced "Party Stream" as one such new feature.

Stadia has made it possible for users to stream their gameplay content straight to internet video services like Twitch and YouTube, just like with many other gaming platforms.

With Party Stream, gamers can now broadcast their gaming sessions to 10 people (including the streamer) without needing to go live on a bigger video-sharing website or service.

To put it another way, Party Stream allows gamers to broadcast their gaming session to 10 people (including the streamer).

It's also possible to move the 10-person cap around.

You could have eight individuals watch the broadcast instead of just one, or you could have any other combination as long as it doesn't exceed the predetermined number. 

Additionally, switching between Stadia games and devices is now available without needing to restart a streaming session.

Google denied allegations that Stadia was "shutting down" last month after various internet posts suggested that the streaming service was leaving the market.

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