Stadia launches 'Party Stream' feature and improves YouTube live streaming

Switch between games and devices seamlessly on YouTube.

What you need to know

Google Stadia added two new features today that will rolling out to all players within the week.

Party Stream allows players to stream gameplay to their Stadia parties for up to 10 players, and multiple players can stream at once in the same party.

YouTube streamers will now be prompted will a “Resume Livestream” message when switching between Stadia games during a stream.

Two new capabilities that make live streaming for both small and large audiences easier have been added to Google Stadia today.

Both services went live today, but they will soon be available to all Stadia users.

Party Stream, the newest Stadia feature, lets users broadcast their gaming to other Stadia party members.

The Party Stream, according to XDA Developers, may accommodate up to 10 participants and mix both those who are live streaming and those who are just watching.

One person can stream, for instance, while the other nine people watch, or several people can stream while the remainder alternately view each one

However, only one stream can be watched at once.

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