platoon 3 is on its way, and we learned a glut of information about the upcoming Switch exclusive thanks to a new Nintendo Direct. 

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A range of new weaponry will be included in the vibrant, ink-based third-person shooter to keep the ink flowing and mark each player's territory during  games 

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The bizarre weapons from the first two Splatoon games will also be present

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When playing single-player mode, the Splatoon series is all about using fascinating weaponry to spread a variety of rainbow-colored ink

 rainbow-colored ink to designate your territory and to essentially "splat" enemies in order to beat them

Everyone will find something they enjoy, and many of them are based on actual painting instruments, such as a sizable paint roller that spreads ink incredibly quickly.

Splatoon 3: All New and Old Weapons in Splatoon 3

The Splatanas, a new class of offensive weaponry that will feature the Splatana Wiper, are among the highlights of the crop of new Splatoon 3 weapons.

It has the appearance of a windshield wiper, but instead of wiping the windshield, you'll be "wiping" ink at your adversaries. It will release a Charged Slash after charging.

The new Stringers weapons operate similarly to conventional bow and arrow weaponry. They are only to be found in the Splatlands area.

Use them for quick-draw bow-and-arrow attacks or charge them up for a strong ink explosion.

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There is also a set of special weapons as well, like the beverage cooler Tacticooler that grants buffs

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