SpaceX sees continued strong demand for rideshare missions

With missions scheduled until 2025, SpaceX, whose rideshare services have transformed the smallsat launch business, claims that demand is still high.

Jarrod McLachlan, director of rideshare sales at SpaceX

stated during a presentation at the Small Satellite Conference on August 9 that the company has launched more than 400 customer payloads 

400 customer payloads via its series of Transporter missions and other rideshare opportunities, with "several hundred more" payloads manifested for launch.

One of the frequent inquiries he received was, "How full are you guys?"

"In 2023, all of the Transporters are fully manifested, and by 2024, we're starting to fill up rather quickly. A very substantial market demand has been observed.

Up to this point, SpaceX has launched five Transporter missions, and one more is anticipated before the year is over.

The business anticipates performing three Transporter missions on average annually, all to sun-synchronous orbits

in addition to the sporadic use of ridesharing on Starlink and other launches.

Even if the immediate manifest is filled, McLachlan asserted that there should still be chances for passengers looking for last-minute fares to locate a slot

According to him, "We get a lot of movement in the manifest, with a lot of customers coming off and on." "We frequently have consumers on backorder."

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