SpaceX Reports Transporter Rideshare Mission Capacity is Full Through 2023 

The dedicated smallsat rideshare missions that SpaceX can launch on the Falcon 9 are "quite full" in 2024 due to the missions' strong demand

according to Jarrod McLachlan, director of rideshare sales at SpaceX, who spoke to participants of SmallSat on Tuesday.

Because ridesharing flexibility allows for clients to occasionally remanifest to later missions, McLachlan advised smallsat firms hoping to enter orbit in 2023 and 2024 to still get in touch.

"We see a lot of movement in the manifest, and there are lots of consumers coming in and out. We are aware that plans can alter, he added. 

"When that occurs, a spot on that Transporter becomes available for a different customer, so we frequently have the ability to backfill consumers

Additionally, we collaborate with a large number of brokers and integrators who occasionally have capacity.

Since January 2021, SpaceX has launched five Transporter missions specifically intended for ridesharing. The demand for ridesharing, 

according to McLachlan, is rising, but as small satellites grow larger, fewer satellites are actually manifested for missions.

In reality, while there are a lot more microsats, we are no longer seeing larger payload counts. Demand is undoubtedly rising, but the number of satellites isn't always related to that.

There are currently no new developments or information, according to McLachlan, but SpaceX is working on a rideshare configuration and smallsat options for the Starship rocket.

In a new user manual for rideshare users, McLachlan noted that SpaceX had streamlined the cubesat testing procedure.

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