SpaceX inks deal with Mattel to make Matchbox versions of its spacecraft, available in 2023

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The SpaceX family of spacecraft will serve as the inspiration for toys and collectibles produced by Mattel, a major global toy manufacturer.

The designs will be sold under the Matchbox brand of die-cast models from the business. The drawback is that you won't be able to buy the toys until 2023.

The Falcon 9 and Heavy versions of the rocket family are currently in use by SpaceX

In order to transfer people and goods to and from the International Space Station, it also manages the Dragon family of spacecraft.

According to Brian Bjelde, vice president of SpaceX,

"At SpaceX, we believe that a future in which humanity is out among the stars is intrinsically more interesting than one in which we are not."

The business is also working on the Starship family of spacecraft, which will be used by NASA's Artemis programme to launch big payloads and eventually carry people to the moon.

For SpaceX, the deal with Mattel is a first of its sort; nevertheless, over ten years ago, the corporation collaborated with another business to produce desktop models of its rockets.

A launch date for NASA's Artemis I mission to the moon was also announced on Wednesday

the 53rd anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, at the same time as the decision to mass-produce the space vehicles toys.

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