Life on Earth takes second stage as Elon Musk’s quest for Mars moves forward on the South Texas coast.

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Drag queens are the cause for the LGBT bar's existence in Brownsville, Texas.

They pull people in like single petals folded lengthwise, kiss regulars on the cheek, and dazzle everyone with sequins and shine. 

 It's early January and Friday night. Dos Equis is the beverage of choice when "Heart of Glass" is playing

Chamoy and Tajn are a red sweet-and-sour paste and a chili-lime powder, respectively. Even though I'm a reporter from out of town

I have received a warm welcome, and in between sets, I frequently ask customers what they think about SpaceX

a firm based in California that has established its rocket shop and launchpad approximately 20 miles away.

Kira, a woman in her 20s who is present at Bar-B with pals, said she enjoys space very much (she loves sci-fi), but she doesn't like the gentrification that has accompanied it.

She has to relocate but is unable to find a one-bedroom for under $800

 According to Stephen, a retired teacher who occasionally drives for Uber and Lyft, SpaceX employees don't tend to leave the best tips

 He informs me that his second act as a real estate agent has just begun

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