South Korea to unveil space economy roadmap with Moon landing plans this year

According to the presidential science secretary, the government intends to present a "space economic roadmap" this year that calls for the creation of a lunar lander and a lunar rover.

Cho Seong-kyung, the presidential secretary in charge of science and technology issues, told reporters

In order to leap forward as a space power, we will build up space development strategies and put them into effect right away.

South Korea's space programmes have been progressing.

The nation's first lunar orbiter, known as Danuri, entered its intended route toward the moon last week.

In a second attempt to orbit satellites, the nation successfully launched the domestic Nuri space rocket in June.

After the orbiter was launched on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral in the US,

South Korea verified that it was producing electricity with its solar panels and that all of the onboard systems were operating as intended.

The Ministry of Science and Information and Communications Technology reports that Danuri also had its first interaction with a NASA Deep Space Network antenna in Canberra, Australia (ICT).

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