Sony gets serious about PC gaming with its new lineup of monitors and headpones

Inzone is a new hardware range from Sony that is aimed at the PC gaming market.

It sure seems like Sony is ready to get serious about PC gaming again after announcing three new headsets and two new monitors late last month.

 With its new Inzone technology portfolio, which aims to give gamers "features that will completely immerse them in the action,"

The Inzone M9, a gaming monitor 4K resolution, and "Full Array Local Dimming" fancy speak for the ability to adjust the brightness on particular portions of the screen

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It subsequently enables you to extract more detail from your photographs

The monitor also boasts an IPS panel for those vibrant colours, a 144Hz refresh rate, and a "1ms Gray to Gray response time for speedier reflexes."

Additionally, the Inzone M3 offers Full HD 240Hz and 1ms GtG for those who desire an even greater refresh rate.

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The Inzone H9 has a battery life of 32 hours, the H7 has a battery life of 40 hours, and the H3 is a wired headset.

In order to provide an immersive gaming experience

 the H9 and H7 "both have a unique form that allows the headphones to replicate exceptionally high frequency sounds with excellent compliance, as well as low frequencies."

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The H9 headset will be your best option if you live in a noisy area because it contains multiple noise-canceling microphones that will cancel out any outside sounds.

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