Sony A95K QD-OLED finally has official US pricing, starts at $3000

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That's significantly more than Samsung is charging for its S95B QD-OLED

Image Credit:what hi-fi

In the United States, Sony has revealed official pricing and availability for its 2022 TV lineup, which includes the much-anticipated QD-OLED A95K.

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The Sony A95K will be available in June in the United States and May in Canada, with prices starting at $3000 for the 55-inch variant and $4000 for the 65-inch model

 While UK pricing has yet to be released, a recent John Lewis leak stated that the A95K might start at £2699 for a 55-inch model, though that figure should be treated with caution.

Importantly, Sony's QD-OLED TV costs a lot more than Samsung's own model, which uses the identical Samsung Display-sourced panel

 The Samsung QS95B is available for pre-order in the United Kingdom and is now shipping in the United States, with a price of £2399 / $2200

Of course, a TV's performance is dictated by far more than its panel technology alone, and we were hugely impressed with the A95K

after going hands-on with the cutting-edge panel last month

It will be fascinating to see how these two QD-OLED TVs compare and whether Sony has managed to add enough extra value to its model to justify the higher price.

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