'Canyon of fire' solar storm will slam into Earth today or tomorrow

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Despite the alarming name, the storm is set to be mild.

Over the northern hemisphere of the sun, the solar filament exploded. 

A mild G1 geomagnetic storm will be caused by solar winds that hit the Earth tonight (July 20) or tomorrow (July 21) as a result of the sun's enormous "canyon of fire" filament splitting.

Solar filaments were initially observed by sun watchers on July 12 as dark, thread-like lines against the bright background of the sun, according to SpaceWeather.com.

Then, on July 15, a filament that had snaked its way down the northern hemisphere of our star suddenly erupted

carving out an about 238,880 mile long and 12,400 mile deep "canyon of fire" on the surface of the sun and spouting solar material directly at us.

Image Credit:indiatoday

Huge arcs of electrified gas (or plasma) known as solar filaments snake their way through the sun's atmosphere at the whim of the star's tremendous magnetic field.

hese enormous magnetic tubes can support enormous amounts of plasma above the surface of the sun, but they are also extremely unstable, and when they break apart

they can send coronal mass ejections (CMEs), which are powerful jets of solar wind, hurtling towards Earth.

Tamitha Skov, a space weather physicist, tweeted after the explosion, "The long snake-like filament cartwheeled its way down the Sun in a magnificent ballet."

"It will be difficult to forecast the magnetic orientation of this Earth-directed solar storm. If this storm's magnetic field is facing south, G2-level (maybe G3) conditions could develop!"

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