Software testing problem delays Psyche launch

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NASA decided there was not enough time to finish testing the spacecraft's software before its launch window closed

therefore the Psyche asteroid mission will not launch this year as originally scheduled.

Agency representatives stated during a briefing on June 24 that the mission did not have enough time to test the spacecraft's guidance, 

navigation, and control (GNC) software before its launch window closed on October 11. Because of the software testing difficulty, NASA has already postponed the launch from August 1.

Director of NASA's planetary science division Lori Glaze stated, "Following rigorous review, augmentation of resources, and efforts to rescope or rephase functionality

 the project and JPL have concluded that Psyche does not have a path to launch with acceptable risk in the 2022 window.

Officials from the project claimed that the GNC software itself was not the issue, but rather a testbed that was used to evaluate the software by imitating a spaceship.

In essence, the testbed is a stretched-out simulation of the real spacecraft

Henry Stone, Psyche project manager at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, described it as a blend of hardware and software

Its purpose is to create a copy of the flight system that can be used to test all system behaviours using software.

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