Skyscraper-Sized Asteroids Are Flying Past Earth This Weekend

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Do you feel the wind gust passing by? A June breeze, perhaps?

Or perhaps the two enormous asteroids the size of tall buildings that whizzed by the Earth this past weekend were to blame. (It couldn't, but think about it.)

According to NASA's trajectory predictions, the two space objects will safely pass our planet on July 29 and July 30.

NASA documented the two objects, and they will both do so.

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The first asteroid, designated 2016 CZ31, was 400 feet broad when it passed over our night sky on July 29. It moved forward at a quick 34,560 mph.

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The second asteroid, 2013 CU83, which is significantly bigger and travelling at a much slower 13,153 mph, will then pass by that evening on July 30.

The distance between the Earth and the moon is many times greater than the distance at which both asteroids travel over us

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more than a million miles overhead, and this distance is well within safe limits for both celestial bodies.

Don't worry about the Earth being destroyed by a speeding space object just yet:these objects routinely orbit our globe.

Earlier this year, a mile-wide asteroid that was being closely watched by NASA for everyone's scientific fun and safety travelled 2.5 million miles over the Earth. 

According to projections, the next orbit of these specific asteroids will take place in January 2028.

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