Samsung Launches Gaming Hub on 2022 Smart TVs and Smart Monitors to Make Gaming More Convenient

On their Smart TVs, Samsung has just made it simpler to start playing video games.

The group has declared that starting in 2022, the Samsung Gaming Hub will be available on all Samsung Smart TVs and Smart Monitors.

You may access your preferred providers via the all-in-one gaming streaming platform known as Gaming Hub. 

Currently, Google Stadia, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Utomik, and Xbox are supported platforms, with Amazon Luna following soon.

This is meant to be a simple method to get everything you need and start playing right away. Won-Jin, the president of Samsung, said:

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Tizen-powered Samsung Gaming Hub enables you to use your preferred accessories, such as Bluetooth controllers and headsets, saving you the trouble of purchasing new hardware.

Additionally, "expertly curated suggestions based on the freshest and most well-liked titles" will be provided by The Gaming Hub.

The true test will be determining if these are suggestions for streaming services or for actual products.

The Gaming Hub also incorporates streaming and audio services, making it simple to access Spotify, Twitch, and YouTube and keep up with the most recent game news and guides.

The superior motion innovations and latency-reducing technology that are part of Samsung's new Smart TV and Monitor ranges are another area of pride for the company.

These devices assert that quicker decoding and improved buffer controls will, on average, reduce input latency by more than 30% compared to earlier models

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