Russian and European astronauts spacewalk together in rare moment

A seven-hour spacewalk was completed by an astronaut from Europe and a cosmonaut from Russia outside the International Space Station (ISS)

The amazing moment was captured on camera and is still trending on Twitter.

Samantha Cristoforetti of Italy made spacewalk history as the first female astronaut from Europe to do so

 Oleg Artemyev of Russia did not break any records during his spacewalk

according to, but it is unusual for European astronauts and cosmonauts to participate in a spacewalk simultaneously, especially given the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

The two teamed up to work on the European Space Agency's 11-meter mechanical limb, the station's newest robot arm

Along with participating in the cosmonaut's sixth space walk, Cristofretti also wore a Russian spacesuit for the expedition.

On July 21, the official ISS Twitter account announced that this was Samantha Cristofretti's maiden spacewalk and Oleg Artemyev's sixth overall

In a Russian spacesuit, she performed the first spacewalk by a woman from Europe.

The two were given the duty of attaching components to the mechanical leg in order to finish their assignment.

In a news release, NASA stated that they also launched nanosatellites to gather radio electronics data throughout their spacewalk.

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