NASA is developing robots to swim on other planets

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current hardware NASA is creating aquatic robots to travel to other worlds.

Published at 17:20 on February 7, 2022

NASA, the American space agency, is presently working on the construction of a robot to swim in extraterrestrial waters after the rovers meant to study the surface of other planets

 A project that might be beneficial in the foreseeable future.

NASA experts are already thinking about the next step, even though the planet Mars is currently at the centre of many difficulties in the exploration of space

Finding signs of past or present life is one of the objectives of investigating the planets in our solar system.

Scanning the water that is present on some stars is one of the greatest ways to find it.

As a result, we can point to Saturn's ice moon Enceladus. There are bodies of water behind a heavy blanket of ice that could be hiding something. 

Swimming robots to explore space

Ethan Schaler, a robotic mechanical engineer at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, has proposed a proposal involving a probe 

that would melt ice on a planet's surface and then release water drones the size of a cell phone.

The latter might potentially go over extraterrestrial oceans and gather information.

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