Robotic Arms With Brain-Machine Interface Can Help People With Arm Paralysis

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Researchers have developed a novel method that could allow patients who have arm paralysis to control robotic arms

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using a brain-machine interface in the future, perhaps making their daily lives easier.

Robotic Arms Controlled Via Brain-Machine Interface

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University came up with a unique technique that allowed a guy with partial arm paralysis to feed himself using the brain-powered robotic arms.

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According to Engadget, who broke the story first, the technology requires robotic arms to obey specific orders, such as selecting the "cut position" and making small fist motions.

To direct the arms to cut and deliver the food to his lips, the experimenter simply performed fist motions. He could finish the dessert in just 90 seconds

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Although the research acknowledged that brain-machine interfaces and intelligent robotic systems have made progress in aiding people with sensorimotor deficiencies

they asserted that these technologies have not yet been able to address issues like fine manipulation and bimanual coordination.

Therefore, they set out to develop a "collaborative shared control technique" that could manage and coordinate the two Modular Prosthetic Limbs (MPL) required for self-feeding.

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