Robot Dog Not So Cute With Submachine Gun Strapped to Its Back

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Hey, why the hell did we let Boston Dynamics get away with it when we had the chance?

While we all watched helplessly and did nothing, they kept playing us videos of the robots they were developing.

Scientists have created robots that move exactly like the ones in "Black Mirror," and they'll undoubtedly be looking for us in some post-apocalyptic dystopia

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We all watched as they even taught them how to reproduce.

Image Credit:theverge

We stood by when they taught robots to fight.

These Boston Dynamic guys have even built humanoid robots. 

While the Robo dogs patrolled our streets, we still continued to do nothing. 

They have been trying to normalize them by putting them at football games. 

We underestimate how much of a role these robots will play. The future of gig economies like Uber and Seamless will be dominated by driverless automobiles and robo messengers.

It will be fascinating to observe the frictional unemployment brought on by the widespread adoption of robot labour.

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