PS Plus Premium PS3 Games May Improve with Actual Emulation and Accessory Support

Although not all of Sony's earlier platforms are treated equally, customers now have access to a greater variety of PlayStation classics than in the past

 following the debut of the PS Plus Premium last month

 Games for the PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 can be played on original hardware with all of its quirks whereas PS3 games can only be played over the cloud on original hardware

 Even though the PS3 isn't among Sony's most enduring consoles, its iconic games still merit a little extra love and care, and it looks like they just might.

PlayStation Studios is seeking a new software development engineer for the PS Plus Classics lineup, according to a recent LinkedIn job posting.

 The job description states that whoever is hired will concentrate on creating new emulators and adding functionality to the games

Given that Sony already had emulators for all of its previous systems, many have interpreted this to suggest that they will put some serious effort into creating a PS3 emulator.

The staff at Game Rant have also stumbled upon a patent that describes plans to simulate games that utilised different exclusive PlayStation 

peripherals, such as the PS Move controllers, EyeToy, PS Mouse, and more. 

If Sony intends to bring back the PS Move controller, a PS3 gadget, it would seem to be another proof they're working on broad emulation for that era.

Of course, for the time being, treat this with caution. Is Sony giving the PS Plus release of a PS3 emulator high priority?

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