One of the most popular meteor showers begins tonight

We are approaching the time of the summer when we can gaze up at the sky each night and hope to spot a few meteors as the Perseid meteor shower begins. August is when it reaches its height.

One of the most well-liked meteor showers of the year, it will linger for around a month and a half. If the circumstances are favourable, it can put up a good show when it peaks.

The comet Swift-Tuttle left behind and in the tail a path of dust, ice, rock, and biological debris that the Earth passed through, causing the Perseid meteor shower

This occurs till the end of the summer each year.

Only every 133 years does the comet pass by Earth. As it last passed in 1992, it will be a while before it does so once more.

As it travels around the sun, the comet leaves a tail of debris.

Every summer, we experience a meteor shower caused by the Earth's annual orbit into the tail

The annual big meteor shower is caused by the debris burning when it hits the Earth's atmosphere.

When to see Perseid Meteor Shower

The shower starts July 14 and ends September 1.
The shower will peak between August 11 and 13.
The best time to see them is early in the morning

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