PlayStation Plus Subscribers Love Surprise Free PS5 Game

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A special PS5 freebie has been delivered to PlayStation Plus subscribers. PS Plus subscribers on PS4 were treated to some fantastic free games last generation

Subscribers were occasionally given fresh new games on the day of their release

Rocket League, which has subsequently gone free-to-play, is the most renowned example of this

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Furi, one of 2016's hidden treasures from French developer The Games Baker, was another famous example of this

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This week, the game received an unexpected free PS5 update, meaning PS Plus customers received a bonus free PS5 game in addition to their May free titles.

Furi was a hit with PS Plus customers when it was released in 2016. They're still gushing about it six years later

 We don't sure how excellent the PS5 update is, but it does include Furi: One More Fight DLC, which was not included in the original deal

 Furi, an action shooter boss rush game, is all about precision and fine margins, thus any technical advancements made possible by the PS5 will be much appreciated

 If the upgrades aren't enough to persuade you to play it again, perhaps the additional material will.

Many people are pleased about the surprise nature of the release, the freebie element, and the new content, especially those on the popular PlayStation Plus Reddit.

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