Perseid meteor shower peaks late tonight: How to watch

The annual Perseid meteor shower, which peaks late on Thursday and Friday nights, is regarded as one of the greatest celestial displays of the year. After midnight, the vista will be at its best.

Bright full moon, often known as the Sturgeon Moon, which will occur at 9:36 p.m., will function as a mitigating factor

The name derives from Native American encounters with the enormous sturgeon that was easily captured in the area of the Great Lakes.

This will be the final supermoon of 2022, a full moon that occurs while the Moon is at least 90% of the way around its closest point to Earth

With a nucleus of 16 kilometres, Comet Swift-Tuttle orbits the sun once every 133 years, passing it quickly. In 1992, the final close flyby of Earth took place.

Weather conditions

Sky conditions are the most crucial factor in observing any meteor shower. In Ohio, views are frequently diminished or blocked by cloud cover and light fog.

Ohio will experience partly cloudy to largely clear skies tonight and Friday night as drier air moves in from the northwest and high pressure develops south of the Great Lakes.

Where to see the meteor showers?

During the peak of the Perseids, we can view up to 50–60 meteors per hour under ideal circumstances, but moonlight will likely reduce that number to 10–20 in a perfectly dark sky.

The ideal place to see the meteor shower is far from city lights in a safe area. The meteors will come from the northeastern sky, close to the Perseus constellation.

Just concentrate on a fixed place for up to a half-hour to give your eyes time to acclimate to the night sky.

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