Nvidia’s Budget GeForce GTX 1630 Could Arrive Soon To Take On Intel’s Arc GPU

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New information shows that the debut of what is expected to be the cheapest new graphics card on the market from Nvidia could happen as soon as tomorrow.

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The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1630 was added to Colourful's selection of graphics cards in China, but the listing was soon taken down, according to Tom's Hardware

However, the post was left up until internet sleuths saved the proof in a Google Web Cache

What do you see at the bottom when you select GeForce 16XX from the drop-down menu? GTX 1630.

Despite the fact that we didn't react quickly enough to get any information

NewFeaturesTech and Nael Grewether did and posted images of the rumoured GPU

As you can see, the Colourful component has "GeForce GTX" branding down one edge and some red trim around one of its dual fans.

Although Colourful withheld precise information regarding the card, earlier rumours have painted a clear picture of what to anticipate.

The GeForce GTX 1630 is anticipated to compete with the AMD Radeon RX 6400 and the Intel Arc A380

therefore it should be priced "around US$150 ($208) range." According to reports, it will replace the dated GTX 1050 Ti.

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