Nvidia launches new metaverse efforts at SIGGRAPH

This week at the SIGGRAPH 2022 conference, where Nvidia is announcing its most recent set of software breakthroughs for computer graphics

the intersection of computer graphics, the metaverse, and AI is on full show.

Nvidia made a number of technological announcements at the conference today that will further integrate AI and the metaverse.

The Nvidia Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine, a set of tools and services for building virtual assistants driven by AI, is one of the announcements.

The business also disclosed a number of technological initiatives to enhance its computer graphics creation capabilities for applications in the metaverse.

The new NeuralVBD library, a development of the OpenVBD open-source library for sparse volume data, is one of the initiatives.

In order to help further enable metaverse applications, Nvidia is also working on improving the open-source Universal Scene Description (USD) format.

According to Sanja Fidler, VP of AI research at Nvidia, "3D content is very crucial for the Metaverse as we need to put objects in the virtual environment."

"We think AI is essential for the generation of 3D content, particularly for the metaverse."

Computer graphics are no longer simply rendered images, they can be much more with the concept of neural graphics.

The goal of neural graphics, according to Fidler, is to integrate AI capabilities into various stages of the graphics pipeline.

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